Canadian Insurers: Are Your Analytics On Track For 2016?

  It doesn’t surprise me that analytics will be the key focus for Canadian Insures going forward. According to a recent survey by FC Business Intelligence, 59% of over 100 Canadian insurance executives surveyed, believe that analytics will gain the lion’s share of their attention in 2016. Furthermore, it was pleasing to learn that survey…

Winning or Losing Your Share of Deposits Growth

Well, it happened…interest rates finally moved up for the first time in almost 9 years. So now what? The much anticipated rate increase announcement by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has bankers both excited and nervous. Predicting client financial behavior is going to be a challenge in the coming months, especially when you add an uncertain economy and intense competition. The ability to understand the impact on the balance sheet will be critical in developing a strategic plan in a new world.