Predictive Model Maintenance: Why, When and How

Predictive analytics models are extremely valuable organizational assets; they are central to making critical business decisions – whether it is identifying new opportunities or evaluating potential risks. A model that is outdated or underperforms puts decision-makers and their decisions at severe risk for accuracy and reliability, which can ultimately effect bottom-line profitability and cause damage to a business.

Google Trends Search for Predictive Analytics

Do I Have Enough Data for Predictive Analytics?

The answer is probably yes. It is 2014 – everybody has heard about “Big Data” and “Data Science,” and everybody has gigabytes and terabytes of data ready to analyze. Over the past few years alone, Google Trends shows that interest in the search term “Big Data” has skyrocketed tenfold. The question is really not about the amount of data…

Driving Customer-centricity Through Predictive Analytics

I want to take a brief moment to introduce myself. I’m Frank Bria, Principal & Owner of Bria Strategy Group.  Until recently I was the Sr. Director of Banking Solutions with Earnix. My role was to meet with banking customers and prospects to discuss their challenges in making profitable customer-centric decisions, like marketing and pricing, and…