Four Insights From CBA LIVE 2016

The Earnix team had a very exciting time in Phoenix attending the Consumer Bankers Association annual meeting, CBA LIVE 2016. The conference was full of energy with great speakers – particularly keynote speeches by General Stan McChrystal, Heather Cox (CEO, Fintech, Citi) and Amy Walter (National Editor, Cook Political Report).

Of course, there were many other interesting presentations across all facets of banking – deposits, consumer lending, home equity, payments, regulatory, social responsibility – but the content was as remarkable for what wasn’t included as for what was included.

How Smart Is Your Competitive Intelligence?

There is no doubt that the competitive landscape in the North American personal lines insurance market is changing. The market is the most competitive it has ever been and growing market share seems to be a top priority for many carriers. This trend has resulted in the willingness of companies to price policies aggressively to…

Auto Finance Providers Shift Gears to Address the Growth of Off-lease Vehicles

The rate of automotive leasing in the United States will soon be reaching its highest level in more than a decade. Now more than one out of every four new vehicles will be rented rather than be bought by consumers. A pronounced shift is taking place which resembles a return to the late 1990s, a…

More Eye-Opening Industry Survey Results – What’s New In Homeowners Insurance Ratemaking?

As many have noticed, homeowners insurance is heating up. Over the past few years companies have addressed many of the challenges in the highly competitive auto insurance market; now, carriers are switching their attention to homeowners. With highly volatile weather patterns, carriers have increased their focus on determining the right premium for their customers. Companies…

What 200 Bankers Are Saying About Their 2020 Revenue Models

“You need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and cofounder of Zip2, PayPal, and Tesla Motors Is the banking industry ready to change? According to our recent survey of 200 European bankers, transformation is top-of-mind, with many in search of a new banking revenue model. Our survey shows…

Driving Towards Integrated Customer Analytics in 2016

An interview with Earnix CEO, David Schapiro Sitting in David Schapiro’s office last week, I was quick to learn of his passion for the sea. The Earnix journey that started over a decade ago, can be thought of as a voyage over the changing seas of the financial services industry.

Canadian Insurers: Are Your Analytics On Track For 2016?

  It doesn’t surprise me that analytics will be the key focus for Canadian Insures going forward. According to a recent survey by FC Business Intelligence, 59% of over 100 Canadian insurance executives surveyed, believe that analytics will gain the lion’s share of their attention in 2016. Furthermore, it was pleasing to learn that survey…

Winning or Losing Your Share of Deposits Growth

Well, it happened…interest rates finally moved up for the first time in almost 9 years. So now what? The much anticipated rate increase announcement by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has bankers both excited and nervous. Predicting client financial behavior is going to be a challenge in the coming months, especially when you add an uncertain economy and intense competition. The ability to understand the impact on the balance sheet will be critical in developing a strategic plan in a new world.

Centralized Product Pricing In Your Bank

Deciding to switch the management of product pricing from a decentralized process to a centralized process, is not a decision to be taken lightly. Pricing forms the cornerstone of a bank’s competitive positioning and is a key element in determining its bottom line. There are many factors to consider when making changes to a pricing strategy within a retail bank that it can seem overwhelming at times. And who’s to guarantee that the gain of centralization will be worth the disturbance it may cause?

Industry on the Verge of Change: Data Innovation, Disruption and Digitalization

It will please some of you to know that as this year’s Earnix Pricing and Innovation Summit MC, I got to enjoy the Summit from a totally different perspective. Because as much as the audience is watching the speaker, the speakers are watching the audience. And from up on stage, I saw a room of…